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The Horizon documentary, ‘Eat, Fast and Live Longer’ presented by Michael Mosley has seen the concept of fasting and calorie restriction explode onto the health and lifestyle scene. And, according to Mosley, fasting and cutting down our calories intermittently will significantly cut our risk of disease whilst simultaneously reducing our waistlines.

Perfect for those wishing to boost their health, shed pounds or both pre or post festive season, the Lemon Detox is the ultimate internal cleansing programme, known as much for it’s a-list following (think Beyonce, Naomi Campbell and Anna Friel) as its far-reaching benefits.


While fasting programmes such as the new 5:2 or Fast Diet, the 16 Hour Fast, the Maple Syrup Diet and the Alternate Day Fast are on the rise, the reality is that fasting is tough… Which is where the Lemon Detox can help.

A tried and tested formula, the Lemon Detox provides the body with the essential nutrients and calories for any fasting programme, while warding off hunger and retaining energy levels.

Said Dr Sarah Brewer, author of The Total Detox Plan, “During a fast, using the Madal Bal Tree Syrup solution allows you to still obtain useful nutrition, especially minerals such as potassium, calcium, manganese and zinc, making it a useful alternative to plain water.”


And for those seeking to lose weight primarily, the Relaxed Lemon Detox, which includes eating one healthy meal a day, is the perfect alternative.

To help with the process, Lemon Detox has collaborated with celebrity nutritionist Amanda Griggs to offer 12 detox-friendly recipes which can be downloaded free of charge from the Lemon Detox website.

With up to 12 recipes to choose from (6 veggie and 6 non-veggie), the Relaxed Lemon Detox is ideal for those wishing to lose weight while gaining the additional benefits of detoxing. Simply eat one meal a day for up to 12 days and substitute remaining meals with the Lemon Detox formula.

Nutritionist to the likes of Elle MacPherson and Normandie Keith and co-founder of the prestigious Balance clinic in Chelsea, Amanda says, “This concept provides a new and convenient experience for anybody wishing to lose weight and detox simultaneously. Not only will this programme help you shed pounds, it will also boost your skin and hair as well as your health and vitality.”

The ultimate in convenience, Amanda’s recipes come with a shopping list of ingredients for you to purchase, along with a tin of Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup, fresh, organic lemons and ginger (for your Lemon Detox formula) – all you need to complete up to 12 days of the Relaxed Lemon Detox.

Benefits of the Lemon Detox are as follows:

  • Different programmes to cater for every need and requirement
  • Ideal for those who wish to boost their health, lose weight or both
  • A method that fits easily into any lifestyle
  • Recipes available free of charge nationwide
  • Weight loss, clearer skin, better sleep, reduced stress
  • Reduced appetite
  • A renewed awareness of what you are putting into your body!
  • Inspiring and sumptuous recipes to make detoxing a pleasure rather than a chore!

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